2012 03 – 2012 05
Web application developer for JWGecko. Working on the Cherry CMS program and the program that used the OzSoft API to book students of Registered Training Organizations.

2010 11 - 2011 02 One of a team of eight programmers working on an intranet for McGrath Real Estate using Coldfusion, AJAX and the jQuery javascript library.

2007 06 - 2009 11
Worked for James Cook University on student and staff systems, including a web application that augments the Tech One Student One system and the Find a Supervisor system. Managed the small web development team, getting all projects under version control, upgrading Solaris servers to loadbalanced coldFusion clusters, maintaining Alesco user accounts, supporting the data upload for the BlackBoard system and other duties as required.

2007 02 - 2007 05
Worked for www.cowwws.com on
Pentax Australia, a collaboration site for a real estate group, a public access site for the G2 alliance group of regional councils, an ecommerce site for Coco Republic and a survey application for Mahlab using open source Soundings, Adobe Coldfusion, mySQL and MS SQL.

2006 10 – 2007 01
Worked on a geographical info system (GIS) at nams.gov.au using coldfusion, JSON, webservices, dynamic pdf generation, the postgres gis database and javascript.

2006 03 – 2006 08 Developing a pilot for the Evidence Portfolio project to meet DEST requirements for Newcastle University, Australia. The application uses ColdFusionMX and Oracle BLOBs to manage the documents. It is data driven to allow users to generate ad hoc reports using a report builder (like Crystal Reports). Simple LDAP authentication is used in the existing framework and the database includes its own role based access system for authorization.

2006 Upgrading a BHPBilliton remote intranet. New server, new database and new application. It uses Exchanges GAL and a flight booking system. It is a hybrid document and content manager that incorporates a scorecard for the businesses operations, a safety incident reporter and a role based workflow system.
Reskinned www.crocodiles.com.au with a liquid css design, DHTML menus and a poll.

2005 Enhanced credit card/frequent flyer point transaction system and annual reporting system for the travel franchise incentive scheme at Harvey World Travel's intranet using ColdFusion and MSSQL.

2004 Wrote Superannuation pages for the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria. Used encryption and personalisation. A file is uploaded monthly and members can login to view their details. Members can submit changes to these details and Admins download these changes.

2004 Web development for the South Australian Dept of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation using the ArcIMS ColdFusion connector with kavaCharts and fusionCharts. The site presented a map of stations that measured salinity and wind direction on Lake Alexandria.

2004 SENTRY Anti-Microbial Surveillance System. Developed query building pages to produce a result page of all records that matched the query including the result sign and all fields specified in the query. Developed filter building pages that produced a crosstab of drugs by organisms for use when the above result set was too large to download over an normal link. Created an application with summaries of record counts for key fields. Analysed data looking at data quality. Designed future enhancements that restrict access to data based on region, state and institution. One design used seperate datasets and the second used session variables. The third design did not use the internet.

Teaching streaming media course at the School of Graphic Arts. Contracted by www.danaclese.com.au to add to Cold Fusion programs used at www.adgp.com.au Contracted to write notes for UltraDev 4/ColdFusion course at Sydney Computer Graphics College

2000 Employed by Microset a web development and hosting company to build a large content management system for FinanceAsia.com using Allaire's Spectra and Macromedia ColdFusion. The database was MSSQL This is an interactive content management system that allows journalists and subediters in twelve asian countries to submit articles. Forty different advertising schedules are controlled by the technical director through the back end system. The site is hosted on MS IIS.
E-commerce sites included www.chairBiz.com and www.Sit Back and Relax.com.au The product information and images are served through a database with a ColdFusion system. Business to business sites included the G Point, K point and L Point sites A magazine site for each is generated by Spectra.

Advertising campaign and market research sites included the Nokia Formula One site. Customers were sent a postcard with a password that allowed them to log in and enter a draw for tickets to the Adelaide Grand Prix A ColdFusion system tallied the number of visitors and generated a series of reports on the response to the campaign that updated continously over the period of the campaign.

The following jobs were all contract positions:
1999 March Employed by DWR Publishing to develop database driven web pages for a news database. Designed eight sites including
www.itNews.com.au www.itGraphics.com www.downloadwarehouse.com and www.itresearch.com. Developed mail listserver for itnews flash service. Created online survey systems and subscription systems. Maintained Advertising Confirmation system. Main IDE ColdFusion

1999 Employed by Stroudgate Publishing to create database of companies with offices in the United Kingdom and or New Zealand for publishing in a trade magazine and on the Web.

1997 Employed by Centurion Marketing/Reliable Mailing Services as programmer Researched and duplicated marketing system for car manufacturer Toyota using xBase and Crystal Reports. Wrote programs used in direct marketing.

1996 Employed by EKAS Marketing Services. Supervised the production of regular reports generated by a Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing system. Wrote a system for sampling phone numbers by postcode using FoxPro. Maintained a system for distributing reports over email.

1995 Continued record linkage projects for NSW Central Cancer Registry. Linked Petroleum Workers Health Watch cohort to cancer database.

1994 Employed by Central Cancer Registry as Researcher. Continued record linkage projects and assisted in survival analysis. Used MapInfo in Mammographic Screening report for Cancer Council.

1993 Employed by AGB McNair as Research Executive. Documented a market research system and provided statistical support in media analysis.

* All of the projects listed above required
- liaison with the client,
- computer programming,
- presentation of the results and
- writing of a report,
- the training of staff,
- working without supervision and
- providing statistical support for scientists, academics and marketing executives
References will be forwarded on request.
Hobbies and interests include design, the Japanese language and culture, music, computing, the internet and the other arts.